Soaking in Linting Hot Springs

This lake has an area of about one hectare, often to be a main tourism destination for local people in Subdistrict STM Hulu to enjoy and experiencing the natural beauty.

The lake is located in the Village  Sibunga-bunga Hilir, Subdistrict Sinembah Tanjung Muda (STM) Hulu, District of Deli serdang district, Province of North Sumatera, Indonesia.To reach this location can be reached by riding motorbike or car about two and half hours from City of Medan,  capital of Province of Sumatera Utara.


It is supposedly that the lake had a history of legend and myth. Lake Linting was once narrated as a hill that was formed by a volcano eruption, then turned into a beautiful hot spring lake, as we can see now. Even, local people are still believe that this lake has a magical value. So, it is expected that visitors should speak politely in this place or something bad will be experienced by the visitor.


Things that making this lake so special are green color of it’s water and the water is warm. It is a nice natural place to soak our body. The temperature is about 33 to 40 degrees Celcius.



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