Short Trip to Waterfall Teroh-teroh in DIstrict of Langkat

Waterfall Teroh-teroh is located in Village Rumah Galoh, Sub-district Sei Binge, District Langkat, Povince Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. About one hour by motorbike from Namo Sira-sira, a river tourism where people refreshing through tubing or only bathing in the river.

If from Medan, Waterfall Teroh-teroh can be reach about three to four hours by riding motorbike.  From Medan to Town Binje, then from Binje to Sei Binge, then from Sei Binge to Village Rumah Galoh. There are only mini bus available, three times a day. So, it will very wasting your time if you take a bus. I suggest it will be better to go there by motorbike.


This waterfall, about 8 meter in height and 10 in width. But due to erosion, it’s width only about 6 meter now. The streams is nice, i think it is very beautiful to photograph the streams situation in the morning. As you know that forest morning sun shine will be interesting to photographed. Unfortunately, there are no another attraction available in this place. But, if you nature or forest lovers, anything will bring different experiences.

This waterfall exactly located in forest, about 3 km or 20 minutes walking from Village Rumah Galoh. The guide price is negotiable. This attraction is managed by local youth organization. In this trek you can see rubber plantation owned by villagers.


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